Below you will find additional UCA facilities not scheduled within EMS. Please use the contact information provided to schedule these facilities.

Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center
Conference Rooms:101, 103, 111, 111/113, 112, 112/114, 113, 114, or BHCC Executive Room 104

Contact Conference Services 852-5202

Christian Cafeteria
Presidents Dining Room

Contact the President's Office: Connie May 450-3116 or Susan Lilly 450-5286

Crafton Alumni Pavilion

Contact the Buffalo Alumni House: Emily Hartle 852-2955 Beth Adair 450-3378

Guest House Elizabeth

Contact the President's Office: Pam Teague 852-0162 Connie May 450-3116

Racquetball Courts

Contact Campus Rec: Jarod Matheney 852-2574 Ary Servedio 450-5091

McAlister Hall
Mirror Room (Closed for remodeling from Sept 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017)

Contact Conference Services 852-5202

McCastlain Hall
Ballroom Fireplace Room

Contact Conference Services 852-5202

Parking Lots

Contact UCAPD 450-3111


Contact UCAPD 450-3111